Let’s Get Real!

Around about this time last year I posted a rather lengthy status on the book of faces about dreams. It was nothing too serious, simply me musing out loud. Apparently said thoughts were best left to myself, as someone I know and rather respect called me an idiot on my own post. I quickly deleted said post, not wishing to be ridiculed anymore. I also went into nearly six weeks of dark dark depression. Forced solitude, heavy drinking, razor blades, the whole shebang. I know that the person who commented on my status has no memory of that event whatsoever, nor should he in all honesty. I don’t blame him for what happened to me. But why was I so affected by something so inconspicuous? To me, the answer is very simple; I took his words and turned them into my reality. And what we believe to be true often is more important than what really is.

I am a man who values his intellect. And in truth, I have good reason to do so. I have always performed exceptionally academically. I was a gifted and talented student at school. For as long as I have had the ability to recall events and emotions from my past, being a person blessed with above average intelligence has been a big part of my reality. Three days ago, I received my degree classification. I got a 2.2, and since then I have been sinking into a new reality, one where I am a lower second class intellectual. As I type this, I have not told the vast majority of my closest friends what degree I have achieved. Despite near elation from both my parents (well, my dad got as close to non-Liverpool FC related elation as he can) I have failed to take anything other than sorrow and shame from my failure to achieve what is the average grade for my course. I have sunk into a new reality. But this is something that I have to fight. Because it is the reality I am currently choosing to see. And yes, we can and do choose what our realities are.

Living with a mental health condition is not a choice. How we live with our conditions is a choice. Trying to change perspective is a big part of that choice. And there is real power in the choices we make. Me typing this blog is a choice, and so is you reading it. So is me choosing not to value the fact that despite very unfavourable odds I completed a degree at one of the tops schools in my course. I am looking beyond the strength of character I displayed to get to this point and focusing on my perception of myself as primarily an intellectual. I know that a big part of my condition is affecting how I view getting a degree classification I am not overly happy with. But there is another reality that I have to see. There is another reality we all have to see. We can often have very little power over how our conditions affect us. But the power we do have must be used to seek the positive. Whether that is congratulating ourselves for trying, even when we fail. Or acknowledging that despite being given an opportunity to give up, we have not. Happiness, true happiness, in my opinion, will not come from hoping for things that may or may not ever happen. It comes from seeking and taking joy in what has and is happening.

Many people I know very well will only find out about my 2.2 by reading this post. And truth be told, that is a thought that fills me with dread, fear and shame. But that is only because I am choosing to live in that reality. I have gotten a below average degree from my course at my uni. It also took me four years instead of three to do so. That is a fact. I also got a degree from an internationally recognised institution, in what were, for at least 60% of the time, hellish circumstances. This post may come across as a glorified rant but it is not. It is an example of the fact that the man behind these incredibly well articulated words (though not so much in this post) struggles too, It is an example of the fact that there is another way to view the times we perceive life to be going against our plans. It is sign that happiness, even a state of being content (contentness sadly is not a word) is not something that exists outside of ourselves or our experiences. Let us change our point of view. Not to lie to ourselves, but so that you and I can have

a good day 


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real!

  1. I love this post, and may I just add a piece of advice my friend gave to me when I was down; each finger is a different length, but each is just as important. Sincere congratulations Chama x

    • Thanks a lot Gina. Really means a lot. And I will try and take those words of wisdom on board. Graduation on Monday so hopefully it will be a happy day…or should I say a good day! But seriously, thanks a lot x

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