Life is full of hardships we all face and must overcome. But sometimes, some of us find it harder to take the rough, and use it as a tool to bash over the smooth. What I am saying is, maintaining a positive outlook is not easy for everyone. Stress, depression and general low moods can and do often make it harder to accept the good things and good times we experience. It Starts With A Good Day is my attempt to share the benefits of embracing the positive times we experience. My way of telling myself and people who struggle to stay positive that good times do exist. Good times do not have to be some distant oasis that lives in the vast expanse known as the future. Nor do good times need to watersheds in our existence. What good times and good days need is to be embraced! And embraced for what they are. The times that make you happy

Through this blog, I will be sharing my musings on how I try to gain a positive outlook on each day. And more importantly, why I think it is important that we all take the maximum amount of joy and happiness as we can from the good times in our life. For this is what we all deserve, and stress, depression and the fears ans worries of tomorrow have no right to take that away

I am no medical expert, and most of what I share is simply my own thoughts formed from my experiences. But I feel I have the power to share something important, and I hope I can make some small positive impact to at least one person who reads my blog. And if I can’t do that, I can always say I felt good trying 🙂


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